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"Absolutely beautiful drawing. Wonderful service and attention to all details. It makes for the perfect gift for someone who has everything."

-David D.-


"Rebecca created a beautiful portrait of my husband & daughter for father’s day. The gift made my husband’s day."

-Jennifer S.-

"Rebecca is amazing! She made the most adorable flawless stickers of my baby girl and I can’t wait to stick them on all of her school stuff, thank-you cards, etc. They also fit perfectly on my pop socket so I carry her around all day. So perfect, can’t say enough good things. Highly recommend!"

-Yael S.-

"Rebecca is an incredibly talented artist and I couldn’t be happier with how these adorable stickers of my baby came out!"

-Arielle S.-

"Oh my goodness. This is incredible and will enjoy for a lifetime."

-Jordana D.-

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