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About Me

My name is Rebecca. I am a Brooklyn born artist and mother of 2. I have two Bachelors' degrees- in studio art and in music, as well as a Masters' degree in theater design and technical production. After graduate school, I pursued a career in set design, scenic painting, and prop making.

When my daughter was born, I made the difficult decision to become a stay at home mom and put my career on hold. It was important to me that I continued to make art, and it needed to be something that I could do at home, during nap-time. One day I did a drawing of my daughter just for fun, and a few weeks later, I found myself starting my own business.


I am currently living in West Hartford, CT.

While my kids keep me really busy, I try to prioritize time to draw, paint, and make miniatures. And I still freelance in the theater world whenever I can. Creating gives me so much joy.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work!

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